Coalition Opposed to Violence and Extremism 



Article I 

The name of this organization shall be the Coalition Opposed to Violence and Extremism (COVE). 


Article II 

Mission Statement 

The Coalition Opposed to Violence and Extremism (COVE) will pursue and support activities which oppose, resist, and eliminate bigotry, prejudice, violence and extremism and help foster diversity, acceptance, understanding and inclusion. 


Article III 


Membership shall be open by application process to any organization or individual that subscribes to the objectives, goals, and philosophy of COVE. COVE shall reserve the right to determine whether or not any such organization or individual subscribes to our objectives, goals, and philosophy. An organization shall have two(2) votes and an individual shall have one (1) vote. 


Article IV 


Dues paying members present at a regular or properly called meeting shall constitute a quorum. 


Article V 


(a) Officers shall consist of two co-chairpersons, a secretary and a treasurer; they shall have the duties and responsibilities normally accorded such positions. 

(b) In case of resignation, incapacitation or other inability to serve as an officer, replacement(s) shall be appointed by the executive board and an election held at the next regularly scheduled meeting with notice given, for the remainder of the term, except that vacancies need not be filled if there are less than 90 days left in the term. 


Article VI 


(a) Election of officers shall be held each April and those elected shall take office on the first day of July following election. 

(b) Terms of office shall be for two years. 

(c) One co-chairperson shall be elected each year. 

(d) Persons are limited to serving in one office for two consecutive terms. 

(e) Any general or associate member may serve as an officer of the Coalition. 

(f) Only dues paid members may vote in elections. 

(g) Nominations may be made by any dues paid member of the Coalition. 


Article VII 


The Organization shall strive to meet monthly from September to June. 


Article VIII 

Executive Board 

(a) The executive board shall be comprised of the elected officers of the Coalition.

(b) The executive board shall carry out the responsibilities assigned to it by the membership.

(c) The executive board may expend up to $500 without prior membership approval. 


Article IX 


The Coalition may establish such standing and special committees as may be necessary to carry out the mission of COVE. Committees shall carry out their activities in concert with the policies of the Coalition, subject to review by the Coalition. Committees and their chairpersons shall be appointed by the co-chairpersons. All members are eligible to chair both standing and special committees. 


Article X 


(a) The fiscal year of the Coalition shall begin July 1 and end June 30. 

(b) Dues shall be established by the Coalition and may be adjusted from time to time. Dues shall be assessed and paid annually. 

(c) The treasurer shall report on Coalition finances at every regular meeting. 

(d) All checks of expenditure must be signed by the treasurer and by one co-chairperson. In the event either the treasurer or co-chair person is unavailable, another member of the executive board may act in his or her place. 


Article XI 

Amendment of By-Laws 

(a) Two-thirds of general members present and voting shall be required to change any provisions of these by-laws at any meeting for which thirty day prior notice has been given to the membership. 

(b) A proxy vote shall be counted as long as the sealed vote is received by the secretary at least two days prior to the meeting.